Miss Amy is an Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter born in Charleston, South Carolina, who grew up in Lenexa, Kansas. She was singing at an early age within school musicals and continued to perform in theaters, cabarets, and rock, jazz, and country bands thereafter.
Miss Amy began writing songs in the 1980’s, and eventually comprised a sizable collection of popular ballads and pop songs she performed regularly to receptive audiences in New Jersey, where she settled with her husband whom she met in Dallas, TX in 1987.

In 1996 she was faced with a challenging pregnancy and became the primary care-giver for her prematurely born son. This shifted her focus musically as well. From that time forward, and having been an accredited fitness instructor for many years prior, she developed a musical program focused on physical fitness for families. Called Fitness Rock & Roll this program was eventually performed at the White House in 2010 and her CD of that name was GRAMMY® Nominated in 2011. Miss Amy went on to win a Best Performer Of The Year award from the Lehigh valley Music Awards and was a featured artist on the GRAMMY® Winning album in 2012 called All About Bullies…Big And Small focused on anti-bullying.


For over 10 years Miss Amy's music has won various other awards and recognition, and she continues to be sought after for her expertise in the field of
 music, motivation and physical fitness.   

Miss Amy's silky smooth singing voice and, as quoted from the New York Times, her "catchy music", have made Miss Amy a favorite among hundreds of thousands of families across the US, Canada, England, Australia and other parts of the globe. 

In the summer of 2012 Miss Amy ventured to Nashville to record with the renowned award-winning producer Doc Holiday and His Legendary “A’ Team. The project, called
Angels Riding Shotgun, includes a mix of American Rock music, the title-track-single release of which appeared on the Top 40 International Country Chart at #30 during
April 2013, shortly after its release.